Technology Commercialization Accelerator

Technology commercialization is usually an overlooked goldmine. Our cross-border accelerator program is designed to build technology startups around licensed, high-potential intellectual property.

Scenario One: Partners

You Have Technology You Want To Commercialize

If your university, government research lab or corporation invested untold millions of dollars into developing technologies that could have value in the commercial market, you know you can’t afford any longer to leave them languishing fallow.

If you would like to find, or partner to build, startups capable of commercializing that IP to solve real world problems, while increasing your rate of licensure, and driving the ROI of your tech transfer office, contact us about our technology commercialization accelerator.

Scenario Two: Entrepreneurs

You Have A Startup And Want An Unfair Competitive Advantage

When you uncover an overlooked, patented technology gem you may confer upon your startup a persistent unfair competitive advantage. There are technologies that governments and universities have invested untold millions of dollars into that could form part of your arsenal. Investors love startups with patented IP that is central to the value proposition.

The technological advantage you may develop could become even more powerful when combined with cross-border technology transfer. Bringing the solution you develop with technologies to emerging markets often results in a situation where there is no local expertise or competition allowing you to dominate the market. When you bring technology to an emerging market you may also discover new applications that can lead to an extension on the core innovation, that you may in turn be able to export back to other markets. You may also discover valuable intellectual property developed in an emerging market, with potential application in your home market. The possibilities are many.

Check out our Current Programs to learn more about one of our current technology commercialization programs, and that unfair advantage may soon be yours.