Hub APTA Chile

Build a new business with some of Chile’s most advanced technologies

Hub APTA (Andes Pacific Technology Access) is a technology transfer platform created with financing from CORFO, the economic development arm of the Chilean government. Its objective is to form new technology-based businesses in Chile, and around the world, based on the technologies and innovations that have been developed in Chile’s universities and national research centers.

Wasabi Ventures Global is pleased to serve as a co-executor of this project and a member of the Hub APTA ecosystem. Our role is to bring the experience we have gained from building successful venture-backed technology startups and spinoffs, and running similar programs with the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Arizona State University, the Qatar Science and Technology Park, and others, to build new companies around Hub APTA technologies.

About the program

Build a new business based in one of Chile’s most advanced technologies.

We are recruiting individuals who have a passion for building new technology-based businesses to join our program and work with Hub APTA’s technologies.

These are technologies that the Chilean government and universities have invested untold millions of dollars into that could form part of your arsenal. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur, a first-time entrepreneur with relevant technical skills, a small or mid-sized company looking for new product ideas, or a manager at a large corporation seeking a new source of innovation, we want to talk to you.

While there are a large number of technologies to choose from, they generally fall into the following categories:

Industrial production





View a complete list of technologies on the Hub APTA website »

The technological advantage you may develop could become even more powerful when combined with cross-border technology transfer, and you may wish to complement the Chilean technology with another technology. Investors love startups with patented IP that is central to the value proposition.

How the program works


Complete the stage one application below


If you are selected, you will be asked to develop an “idea deck” describing how you plan to build a new business through commercialization of one or several Hub APTA technologies.


Our team will provide a template for that presentation, and will work closely with you to refine and strengthen your ideas, and support you in forming a team with the necessary skills.


Complete the stage two application by submitting your “idea deck.”   A selection committee consisting of Wasabi Ventures Global and Hub APTA staff will review your application.


If you are selected, you will participate in an intensive 4 month online startup education program and receive 1:1 mentoring for your startup from our team and mentors