Jumpstart-Blitzscaling 2018 Program

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Work directly with Silicon Valley scaling experts.

Learn how to maximize and prepare to sustain your company’s scalability.

Develop a valuable network of relevant contacts to support your scaling journey.

This 4 month, hands-on, intensive remote program is for startups seeking to scale and enter international markets, including the US, and is offered in partnership with Global Scaling Academy.

We facilitate our entrepreneurs with aspects of their soft landing in the U.S. legal system. Our extended network includes people with vast experience working with bilingual and multicultural companies that can guide you through the process of setting up your business in the US.

The purpose of this program is to refine your scaling strategy supported by acknowledged mentors and through the Blitzscaling methodology.

  • Develop a plan for scaling and internationalizing your startup.
  • Learn and apply the Blitzscaling framework to discover the maximum scalability of your company.
  • Begin building bridges to partners, customers and investors in the US — from wherever you are.

Why should I apply?

You want to develop and refine your scaling strategy

You believe you’re ready to enter an international market and scale

You want to broaden your network of potential customers, mentors, partners and investors in the US

You want to jumpstart your efforts and make years of progress in 4 months

You want to have a clear plan before investing time and precious resources in developing an international presence via unfocused experimentation

The Team


Chris Yeh

The ``Guru``

Jeff Abbott

The Catalyst

Katherine Glassey

The Fast-Growth Operator

Scott Johnson

The VC Investor

Program Director

What is Blitzscaling?

The methodology

“Blitzscaling is what you do when you need to grow really, really quickly. It’s the science and art of rapidly building out a company to serve a large and usually global market, with the goal of becoming the first mover at scale.”

~ Reid Hoffman, Harvard Business Review


“Blitzscaling also requires that organizations change radically at five different stages, which we think of as family (with a handful employees), tribe, village, city, and nation (with tens of thousands of employees). ”

~ Chris Yeh, Stanford Social Innovation Review

Who is behind this program?


Blitzscaling TM is a company building methodology & investment philosophy developed by Reid Hoffman & Chris Yeh based on their experience at PayPal, LinkedIn, Ustream, plus research on dozens of leading startups.

It was previewed in a course they taught with John Lilly & Alan Blue at Stanford University, and is the subject of forthcoming book. It has grown into the Global Scaling Academy, and a venture fund.

Global Scaling Academy’s framework & curriculum will provide custom-tailored delivery plus unequaled mentorship & network access to participating companies.

What's on the Agenda?


Get an assessment of your company’s current scalability


Learn the growth factors and metrics critical to scalability


Review your business model to incorporate growth factors


Study every area of your company for scaling opportunities to implement


Work 1:1 with scaling experts to refine your scaling strategies


Develop your Blitzscaling Roadmap of prioritized scaling opportunities


Find the strategies to propel you to “escape velocity” to grow beyond your home country market


Update your pitch and prepare yourself to deliver your new scaling story to investors

Who is this program for?

Selection Criteria

Note: This is the ideal candidate profile; however, not every specification is required to apply.

  1. Startup/Scaleup ready to internationalize/scale in the short-medium term
  2. Software/hardware based startups with scaling potential
  3. Formal legal entity created and operating
  4. Intermediate or above English language level
  5. Completed an incubation/acceleration program
  6. Stable team, at least 1 full time member

You will leave this program with..


  1. Blitzscaling Pre-assessment to support selection
  2. Detailed Blitzscaling Assessment of each area
  3. Blitzscaling Roadmap of strategies to be implemented
  4. Blitzscalable’ Pitch Deck for use with investors
  5. Selective introduction to investors, at WVG/GSA discretion
  6. 16 work/mentorship personalized, documented weekly sessions
  7. Extensive and key information on foreign entity creation
  8. Extensive networking and strategic introductions to relevant investors

Program fee: $15,000 USD (might vary in specific cases)

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